03/03/19 Sunday Supp: Keto and Running

Today's Sunday Supp question comes from Instagram, @rocksteadybae, and they want to know about the relationship between keto and running, specifically racing half and full marathons. Is keto an option for runners?

How our muscles become fat adapted (just like our brains).

Fatty acids as the fuel source.

Why Eric recommends training in a fasted state.

And UCAN! The power of the super starch (especially for race training).

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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things keto. So today our question comes from, now it's a, it's an Instagram follower. This time with no name. So we're going to say the Instagram handle. It's at rock steady bae. So, and bay is Bay B a e which is like the new hip word for babe. Or like, you know, like, like, like my babe. So rocksteadybae, thanks so much for the question. We love the questions are coming through on Instagram now. This is awesome. So rocksteadybae says, I'm interested in learning more about runners. Who are keto and how to prep for races half and full marathon distances? Great question. Uh, I mean there's a whole, I think keto is really starting to make its way into the running, um, circuit and, uh, people are finding some great energy there. So talk to me.

Eric: 01:09 What do, what are we looking for and runners, um, how, you know, I prepped for, for racing marathons, iron man, um, I, you know, did a lot of course we all do research and, and w coast we do a lot of self experiments maintain with ourselves. So, okay. My key for race prep also is obviously during the training portion. Uh, I would recommend, of course, you're, you are keto. So you're obviously burning fatty acids as a fuel source. Okay? Remember your muscles as you become more fat adapted, all right? Your brain's already taken most of your, your Beta, okay? Because the brain's requiring it because you are a lower carbohydrate glucose level. So the brain becomes very adapted. It taking a lot of your beta. But what also is really neat after years, or I don't know how long you've been Cato, is your, your muscles become more fat adapted.

Eric: 02:07 And that's what I do through all myself experimenting to prove that fatty acids can deliver, okay? Uh, that energy source to the muscles and very quickly, even at a higher intensity. So what, I don't know, as you get more fat adapted, you're going to see, you know, your, your performance increase. So what I recommend is all my training I did in a fasted state. So I was definitely utilizing the fatty acids as my fuel source and Beta. So all the training for it, like an iron man, all those five, six hour, four hour training sessions every day was always enough facet state cause I intermittent fast. So I kept it in a fasted state to get my body more adapted to utilizing fatty acids and your Beta as energy. Then I also incorporated MCT oil. I, my body adapted to where I could almost take an ounce, a pretty question, you know, one tablespoon or a little bit less. Um, now teaspoon of MCT oil, uh, per per hour. So if you like in an iron man, you're out there 12 hours. So my body really adapted to using MCT, um, mid chain triglyceride because that is a fantastic energy source. Remember it goes to the portal vein by pet bypasses. All emulsification go straight to liver, makes that Beta, sends it out. So that's really critical. I mean as far as I was concerned. And then you can do, do some exogenous ketones. Uh, I would recommend the esters over the salts so you can use some of that in your race prep because you're just going to push more energy. And then I also use SuperStarch. Uh, if you're familiar, it's, Ucan, so basically it is a glycogen and it doesn't raise your, your glucose, so your insulin. So it's not going to effect, and I've tested this all throughout, it's not going to affect any of your, your, your Beta production, but it's going to make sure you are topped off of your glycogen storage in your liver and your muscles in case you need it during the race.

Eric: 04:17 So you're gonna actually spare this glycogen cause you're using your fatty acids and your ketones, your Beta as your main energy source, and you can produce at a high heart rate and still maintain your glycogen sparing.

Chad: 04:30 Those are, those are great tools. Um, are you, uh, are you utilizing glucose at all? I'm assuming not.

Eric: 04:38 In my, all my testing, you know, I, I, I will use glycogen and I tried to, you know, show it through my lactate testing because obviously you're going to take, the glycogen is going to, you know, convert to, uh, uh, lactate producing because that's where it's getting an anaerobic. Uh, but I'm also in testing believing that a lot of that lactate shuttle will go to the Mitochondria and we'll produce energy there as you get more adaptive and you will use intramuscular fat more as you get more adapted. So I am really believing in, in like that endurance stuff. You are sparing your glycogen, you're sparing your glycogen. So, but you need that hill. You need, you know, whatever you got to throw down at a different time, then you can engage the fossil creating pathway, which I always talk about that ATP production there. And then you can go lactate and, and use that glycogen that you have spared for that. And yeah, that's great. So anyway, that's my tips. It's worked for me. Uh, and all my self testing and all the hitts that I do. The one I just finished this week, uh, to prove my glycogen was totally depleted and I could still perform each day. So where am I getting that energy from? And then we'll go into that subject. But anyway, where keep it short.

Chad: 05:56 You also mentioned a fast that you, you train in a fasted state. Now you are talking about intermittent fasting. Yes, yes. I, but I, I do want to bring up, that's a great, great reminder for me. We do have a fasted state coming up. So if you're new to the podcast, you haven't been listening to us for a while, you wouldn't know. But if you have been listening to us for a while, you'll know we run these, these, uh, fasting sessions as a group together. We only allow 20 people in the session. Um, and uh, and it fills up fast, but it's coming up soon. We don't have the exact dates nailed, but they're, they're very, very soon. If you want to get on the waiting list and you want first dibs on a spot in that 20th, fastest, state's going to be a three day fast. Go to biofitcoaching.com/fast that's f as in frank, a, s t so and, and there's also a link at the top of bio, uh, of a biofitcoaching.com. Just click on the, the fastest state icon that's going to be coming up very, very soon. You're going to want to, uh, participate in that with us. That'll be fun. So we'll go ahead.

Eric: 07:04 I want to say one thing. Um, the is so powerful that if you're looking for the edge and you're racing and you're competitive, uh, fasting like three day fat, five day fast, seven day fast, uh, really presents itself as a real edge for you because you in that facet state that you're in, you are becoming really fat adapted. And if you're training like I do during that fast, it all you're doing is, is it adapting those fatty acids to your muscles, the ketones to your brains and actually a little bit of Beta to the muscles. You are really pushing the adaptation and you're going to utilize fat like you never have before. And so that's why I fast is because it gives me, it just keeps training and teaching my body every time to be able to say, hey, I can take intra muscular fat and use that as an energy source. Now I'm so fat adaptive. So anyway, you're looking for the edge fast.

Chad: 08:04 Yeah, you're, you're, our muscles are creatures of habits. Got It. Um, our brain is a creature of habit. Are the muscles throughout our body are creatures of habit. They go to the source of energy that they're most used to. And so yeah, absolutely. Getting them used to going to those fatty acids for energy right off the bat is, is going to be very benefit.

Eric: 08:25 It's like that Spartan, I finished that seven day fast with a spartan. And as far as strength, muscular, uh, fatiguing, et Cetera, I had everything there to do it all. The energy was there and that's why it says I'm fat adapted.

Chad: 08:42 Well, you got more than you bargained for this Sunday. Usually we try to keep these about five minutes. 10. No problem. You got double double your money. So, uh, I'm ending a Five Day fast today. So that's why. So, uh, thanks so much for biohacking with us today, Eric. Got It. And I want to thank all of you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey in live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on Instagram that handles @keto.Biohacker there's some great keto tips there. You can ask, ask questions. Eric is giving, uh, you know, tips and videos. They actually did a Biostak giveaway this week, which was really successful. A lot of people, or six people to be exact. Got a free bottle of biostak. That's really cool. Um, so go check it out @keto.Biohacker and until next time, stay keto.