02/13/19 E76 Hidden Carbs Knocking You Out of Keto

Odds are if you're living your life in ketosis, you're being fairly diligent about monitoring your carb intake. But, what about the sneaky carbs? The carbs that find their way into veggies, gum, spices, medicines and more. Today the guys unmask these hidden carbs.

How labels can sometimes lead you astray.

Not all almond flour is created the same!

Beware the pre-packaged "keto" foods.

Trying to keep your basket nutrition-label free.

Sugar-free does NOT always equal carb-free.

Considering the motivation behind your food products.

Keeping an eye on gravies, sauces, dressings and even seasonings.

Carbs in the medicine cabinet?

And how the key to even healthy carbs is to use, but reduce.

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Eric: 00:00 My one carb is better than your four carbs that I'm not saying that.

Chad: 00:03 Okay. Right, right. And and low carb is just one of the, yes, this one of the markers. Right. Got It.

Chad: 00:12 A Journey begins in a single step or in my case, one less piece of bread. My Name's Chad and I'm a seeker. I have sought out an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness who I hoped would help me feel better. They call him the biohacker, but I call him Eric. I hope you'll join me in a path that leads you and I to optimal fitness, the body and the mind as we live our life in ketosis. This is the life and Ketosis podcast, a biohackers guide to optimal body performance.

Chad: 00:56 Hello everyone. My name is Chad and this is my quest to achieving the healthy state of being with a man that can get me there. My mentor and cohost, he's the science to my regular guy. The extreme testing to my, I'll take your word for it. The biohacker himself, Mr Eric bischof. Somewhere along this journey of ours, I realized that feeling better is really one part physical and one part mental and both are needed to achieve the optimal state of being what I call keto happiness or ketosiness. And today we're talking about hidden carbs. Yes, that's right. Those carbs that are sneaky and hidden. You don't know they lie there, but they're kicking you out of Ketosis and you don't know. Uh, no, this is a, this is a question that we get a lot about. Uh, what, where, where sometimes, um, Eric, you have clients that you're working with that are getting kicked out of Ketosis and they don't know why. Or, um, you have a lot of out of left field questions about different foods that might have carbs in them that we just, that aren't as clear. And sometimes, uh, foods just don't have real thorough nutritional labels. Is that safe to say?

Eric: 02:04 Yes. Uh, it, it, you know, and coaching so many, it's amazing what, what I ended up coming across, you know, with people having issues with, you know, staying in Ketosis and their numbers and they're like, what am I doing? And I go over their macros. I constantly look at everybody's macros. I'm trying to find for those hidden carbs and something is knocking them out cause it's, it's very frustrating for them. A, you know, they just want to quit. I mean it's like this is ridiculous. And then I find out they're eating tic tacs or are they, one was having this licorice sugar free candy that was total carbs in it and she was eating like 20 a day and I had her carbs down to like 20 and it just amazing when you start, you really going, you know, with really scrutinizing it and finding there is those hidden carbs. And you know, when it comes down, if you're a 20 carbs a day or 30 or even less, man, those little hidden carbs can add up fast and you don't think it, you really don't, you just don't pay attention to some of those hidden carbs. And so yeah, it's, it's out there. And the more and more we get into this, ketosis is really growing. There's more manufacturers, the food industry's jumping on it and they're definitely selling low carb like crazy. And to make it taste good. They are shoving some fillers and some hidden stuff in there, you know, and people just aren't aware of it right now, that not at all. In fact, it, just quick story it, last night I went to my legends, my grandson's birthday party at my son's house, and my son, uh, he's Keto though the father of this one. And then my other son Shyler, uh, comes up to, goes in, he's dirty keto. Let's say he comes up to him, he goes, what the heck? I just realized, Oh, I'm not losing any weight. I haven't Keto for three weeks. And I said, he's, he, he's asked me and I said, son, I don't know what you're eating because I'm not following your macros and you're not, you're not listening to them. And he goes, I, I'm elite and 25 carbs a day or 30 carbs a day. And he goes, I found out why I wasn't losing any weight. And I said, why? And he goes, I had been eating the heck out of these gummy worms. He goes, we get them in bulk at Winnco. And I use find out there's nine carbs for six gummy worms. And they said sugar free on the, on the on the barrel. So it was kinda funny.

Chad: 04:34 That is funny. Yeah. There's a lot of those things that people are enjoy and, and things they say sugar free or low carb or keto on them that they don't have these, these hidden. So we're going to talk about some of these hidden things and it sounds like you kind of had an adventure in your pantry when we were preparing for this conversation. So, you know, I thought, well you know, and I pay attention to hidden carbs. I thought probably more than anybody else. So at lisa my wife, you know, we, we dug into the pantry and the fridge and you know, and it was amazing what the things I was looking for was of course anything with, you know, hidden sugars are hidden, starches are fillers and things like that. But what I ended up comparing was the hidden carbs in different brands. Okay. Cause a lot of times you just think, hey, I get this brand or this brand. And in or later, you know how we always look at carb sooner or later, you know, cream cheese has this and this has this and flour has this and sooner or later just at a memory you don't keep looking. So what I did, I, I gathered up and did comparisons of the brands I had and I was surprised like sour cream. I mean just, you know, uh, and I use sour cream a lot and so it was so, it was at least, so my wife and so on, like para goal was one brand for two tablespoons. It was one gram. But then for a generic it was double it was two carbs per two tablespoons of same. And I'm like, well that's double and I use a lot of it. And then we'd done like cream cheese, you know, the Philadelphia brand is, you know, always less than a carb and I know that. But then the food club, generic brand we had in the fridge to carbs for one ounce to the same serving size. So it was double the carbs. And I think what really surprised my wife, cause we make a lot of things with almond flour.

Eric: 06:28 And so we have the Kirtland brand in there and this is all super fine. We have Bob's red mill, which most people know this. It's the more spendy, um, you know, uh, almond flour. Then we order Willoughby's off of Amazon. So for Quarter Cup, uh, we ended up having a difference of the Kirtland brand. There's a super fine was two carbs, but Bob's red mill with six and we've been making our stuff with Bob's red mill and it was six carbs per quarter cup. Uh, and I was like, you gotta be kidding. It was triple something I was not aware of.

Chad: 07:08 What's your theory on this, Eric? Is it, is it, are they cutting it with fillers?

Eric: 07:13 And some of some kind or it just, it's super fine. So I'm not saying, you know, I'm not getting more, more ground almond flour than the others. So what's going on here? And then even, you know, even our spaghetti sauces, we have different brands in there, you know, because we'll use it just a little bit. But I was from Kirtland's brand, half a cup, all it was 8 carbs, then prego was 10, classical was six. And then the traditional ones at trader Joe's is, um, five. So look at the spread and I told my wife, I go, are you paying attention to these? And she's like, nope. So just figured spaghetti sauce, spaghetti sauce, and that's what the value was. Yeah. And even whipping cream, you know that Lisa likes the whipping cream and even between Lando lakes and dairy gold, there was wa to um, one gram or two gram difference. Uh, and coconut Aminos. Have you ever tried those? A coconut Aminos? It's replacement of soy sauce. Oh yeah, absolutely. We have, we a couple of brands in any of the secret and trader Joe's and secrets was three grams just for one tablespoon. And then trader Joe was five grams and here I dump this stuff and I said, you know, there's things the almond butter Kirtland's almond butter was two versus trader Joe's was four. And I'm like, wait, I mean, I'm buying more expensive trader Joe's and I'm getting double the carbs from my two tablespoons. So anyway, there's a lot of things I think people I even grabbed airborne at of it was on the shelf there. I didn't know those were one gram of carb per tablet. And then, I was surprised on the emergencyC Have you ever used that? Drink it a couple of times when I was sick, I don't know that it does anything and I hate the taste, but one packet was eight grams. Oh Wow. Died cause she, she used, she thought it was all just vitamins. I'm like, no it's, so anyway it was, it was kind of interesting to dig through the fridge and dig through that.

Eric: 09:28 But just in comparison to brands, I'm just saying you're going to find some hidden carbs. It pay attention to your flours especially cause know a lot of people use almond flour and especially your almond butters and things like that.

Chad: 09:40 So yeah, I think um, you know as we talk about these and you talk about a difference of two grams or s or four grams or whatever, that that seems a little minuscule. But throughout the day when you're only getting 20 or 30, those add up fast and you don't even know it.

Eric: 09:59 And now, yeah, you don't, you don't know it. And you know, when I'm eating, I mean, you know, blueberry muffins, it's, you know, different things that are made with the Bob's flour. I, you know, I, I get knocked out. I mean, I, I'm like, wow, my ketones are low. Why? You know, and so I thought usually I'm really pay attention to, to,

Chad: 10:20 well this could really help. This conversation can really help people avoid some, some very, a lot of frustration. You have clients that are, like you said, on the brink of quitting because they can't figure out where they're getting kicked out. And, um, you know, it could just be as simple as you're drinking of, uh, uh, a, a vitamin C drink that you thought was zero carb.

Eric: 10:44 It's like my older son, he was, he's keto and he, he goes, hey, you guys got to try these new keto cauliflower bites. Okay. Like know you bake them and they're a cauliflower nuggets there. Like Hash browns kind of like thing. You know, and I, I said, well, what do you eat? And he was all, I eat the whole bag and well, how many carbs in that whole bay? And he turned it on and he goes, oh crap, 45. I like, well I here he really paid attention. I go, those are high car battery. I was, I was really, it was not that big of a bag, you know. So anyway, it's just things people don't pay attention to. You know, you think cauliflower, you think low carb, you know. Yup. Yup. And it's things like that. Cool.

Chad: 11:27 Well, let's jump into some specifics and we'll give some people some ideas throughout, uh, throughout this conversation of what, where you found some hidden carbs or things to watch out for, or even ways to detect them ourselves. Because we could never name every food product that has hidden carbs, but we can at least raise some flags so that people can start to pay attention to themselves. So, um, let's talk about processed and packaged foods. You mentioned it earlier. It's really popular right now, especially in the freezer aisle, uh, to have these low carb or Keto meals. Yeah. And, uh, you know, it's, there's the, you don't always know everything that's going on with these things. Talk about that a little bit.

Eric: 12:12 Yeah. Yeah. And that's the tricky part is, and all, you know, me, I, I, I've been really trying to get on that, you know, real food, no, no nutrition label in my basket. I'm trying, I'm trying. It's pretty hard. Uh, uh, but you know, in the process foods, um, I think that even in the processed meat is, especially where a lot of hidden carbs are. Um, you know, it'd be ground beef, sausage, sausage, Bacon, sandwich meats, Deli meats. Oh my gosh. They're, yeah, they're loaded. I mean, they really, it's to the point where I just avoid, unless I can actually, you know, see the nutria nutrition label because they're full of sugar and starches and fillers, um, sausage, you know, can also have some gluten, some flour. And it, uh, besides that, you're always looking for, you know, when I get into Msg and you know, and preservatives and stuff. But especially with those, those kind of meats the process mates, they're always, Bacon's always got sugar in it somehow and showed his sausage and, and other fillers the starch. Um, and that's why you got to turn it over and make sure the carb count. Uh, Lisa bought some sausages and, and turned them over and just for two there are five grams and I said, did you notice this? Wow, I thought sausage have no, no carbs. I'm like, no, not these brown or any of those things. I'm sorry.

Chad: 13:41 No, no, no. I was just gonna say it's, it's important for us to understand what is in the best interest of our food suppliers. So I'm obviously giving you less for more is in their interest or giving you less of the expensive stuff for more money. Is, is one of their motivations, meaning if they can cut something with some flour or something like that and fill some space? They do. Yes. They want to fill some space so that they don't have to give you the expensive pork as much. Right. And so they fill some space or a shelf life. Life is king for food processors or food. Um, oh yeah. And companies as well. Right? So the longer the food last on the shelf, the longer they can keep it in the grocery store and at your home. And then they, excuse me, then they don't have to be producing a, this fresh food and a lot it will go to waste because a lot of it won't sell in time for it to, to, to, you know, it won't sell in time and then it will go bad. And so it's, it's really interesting to think about the perspective of the food supplier and, and kind of start to make your decisions based off of what, you know, their goals and just really checking packaging and, and all of that kind of stuff. And like you said, Bacon, they'll add some sugar to it, uh, to try to differentiate themselves from other brands and uh, on a, you know, just a little bit on taste or whatever it is. So, um, that's, that's a really good, good point.

Eric: 15:08 Yes. Yeah. So I just watch it. Package foods. Most packaged foods have a label, you have nutrition label. And you got to just search for those items on there and always look at your sugars and always look at your carbs, obviously. You know, so, yeah.

Chad: 15:24 So what about snacks and beverages?

Eric: 15:26 Yeah, that, that's one of the hardest. Um, you know, of course we know sugar snacks, you know that, that's just a no brainer obviously, but it's the no sugar, the sugar free, the low sugar or zero calorie calorie or our pure cane sugar beet sugar and all of a sudden you're thinking, Nah, fruit sugar. Here we go. This is all good. So I think it's in their best interest, obviously to 10, not zero out, you know, to fine tune their market so much. So they kind of leave it as broad as they can. So most people say, oh, you know, sugar free, I'm good to go. Especially, you know, diabetics, they're always buying, you know, the original sugar free candies or are full of, you know, the, the sugar alcohols that really caused issues. Who, I mean, not only just bloating and gas and fermenting in your colon, but there's, there's, you know, on the glycemic index, we talked about our sugars, you know, like Xylitol and things of those have a glycemic index. So they have a, a number on there that they do have calories and a lot of people don't remember that certain sugar alcohols besides, you know, your worth, the tone, Stevia, Mannitol, Lakatos, Aila toes, or with all those that we talked about have calories in them. And so you've really got to be aware of the sugar free. It doesn't, sugar free doesn't mean calorie free. It does not mean carb free. All right, so this market, like we talked about is getting huge and, and low sugar, low carb snacks, I'll call them snacks, you know, the bars and the cookies and everything else out there. And it's getting, it's, it's just getting, it's getting risky. He really is. And Debbie just, oh, go ahead. Oh no, go ahead. What were you gonna say about beverages? The same thing. We're getting a lot of beverages out there and, and, and everybody knows about the sodas. And you know, the different, uh, aspartame and Ace k and everything else that's in those sucralose, you gotta be careful. Um, a lot of these things in, in the hidden carbs we're talking about, they don't raise your glucose, they won't spike you, but their insulin raising.

Eric: 17:44 And everybody's different on that. And, and trust me, if I could test my insulin know six times a day, I would, and every, everything my wife Lisa brings home, I test. If there's new, you know, the chocolate bars, the lily's, the, the new ice creams that are out. She'll always grab it and say, Hey, test this out. So I always test it on, on, on blood glucose, but it doesn't mean it's whatever sugar, alcohols and there doesn't mean it's going to affect my insulin, uh, in a positive way. So that's why a lot of people get knocked out and they say, look, my blood sugars are eight in the 80s, all day long. But that sugar alcohol can raise your, uh, your insulin and of course, knock you out.

Chad: 18:26 Yeah, I was just gonna add, it's just going back to my previous point as you were talking about, um, beverages, if it made me think like it's, it is interesting to think again about the food suppliers and their motivations and kind of how it's very difficult to create a package food, whether it's a beverage or a snack, a meal, whatever it is, it's very difficult to, um, bring together all natural ingredients and you know, all it's expensive, it's hard to source, um, all of those sort of things. So it's, the company has to really care about what they're doing to be able to bring that together. And the margins in the food industry are so tiny, so, so tiny that they really have to care about producing good stuff and, and even shrink those margins even a little bit more enabled to, in order to produce really good food for us. That is clean, organic, um, all of that kind of stuff. So just thinking through that side of things can help you in your shopping and the choices you make. Is, does, does this company seem like a company that is really fighting to bring me good stuff? Or are they just, are they just a victim of their industry? Right. They got to produce fast and it's inexpensive and keep it on the shelf long enough and, um, yeah, so it's, it's really interesting to think about that.

Eric: 19:59 Yeah, that is, that is, and one thing I just want to make sure, you know, when I say I'm not pushing all any, any brand, anything brand wise, whatever, lower carb is better. Okay. So even if it's a little higher carb, it doesn't mean the product is any, any last, it could be a better product and better process and you know, et cetera without any preservatives are a natural and everything else. So just being aware of your carb count is all I'm saying. Okay. My one carb is better than your four cards that I'm not saying that. Okay. Low carb is just one of the, yes, this is one of the markers. Right. Got It.

Chad: 20:42 So, uh, restaurants a lot of get in trouble in restaurants and I actually have a really funny story that I want to share really quick. I was, I, I, I follow a lot of the, the keto stuff that I just to to, to follow trends and that kind of stuff for the podcast. I was, I was thumbing through some keto posts on Instagram the other day and I came upon this one of this person that took a picture of their, of their keto sausage and egg sandwich from Burger King. And so it was essentially, it was a piece of cheese, egg and sausage. Right. I've had it and then didn't have the muffin with it anymore. And uh, side to the side of that, they posted a picture of their receipt from Burger King and they had charged them 50 cents for the low carb version of the breakfast sandwich, 50 cents in addition. So they charge them 50 cents to not include the bread.

Eric: 21:44 I've never heard of that. I have never heard of that.

Chad: 21:48 That's very opportunistic. Burger King. Very opportunistic.

Eric: 21:51 That is hilarious. That's hilarious. Yeah. I was just in this restaurant, my, my wife now, I was, hey, you want to go out and eat? She's like, no, he, she just, she's one of those that, you know, if her pancakes or burned or for me it's burned, it will not go back. She will not return it because she always has a fair or something might be done to it, which I disagree with, but whatever that could happen. But I'm, I'm always very vocal so when I go in, I always ask, do you have any sugar in the sauce? Yeah. Well what kind of oils are you using in this one? What do you deep frying in? What kind of, she just says what they don't know the answers. They, none of them know the answers. Why do you ask? Just assume and it's, there's so many hidden carbs in a restaurant. I mean it's, you know, you get to the dressing, the condiments, the veggies, soups. Uh, I mean, you know what, you know, creamy soups aren't going to have a cornstarch in it. Some kind of starch. Okay. Uh, to thicken it. And a lot of people don't realize when, if you take a tablespoon of corn starch, that's seven grams a carb, one tablespoon and said, you know, when you think about it, uh, yeah, cornstarch is used. And I mean, medicine, tablets, capsules, I mean it's, it's used everywhere. And so I always ask on the soups, you know, you know, have any sugar, any sweetener in it, and I kind of sugar in it, kind of corn starch and most, most of the restaurants don't know. But even, yes,

Chad: 23:21 let's say, do you get a lot of blank stares?

Eric: 23:23 Blank stares. And I said, can you ask somebody? Then my wife's like, oh my gosh, this is crazy. So, you know, I carry some of my own dressing with me now, you know, uh, oil and vinegar and things like that. But even with a eggs in restaurants and I'm always, you always thought you are safe with like scrambled age or whatever, but you're not sure if they're using liquid eggs or in a lot of places, people know this, they had pancake batter to the age. Okay. Just to make it a little more fuller. And theirs is, there's hidden. And I've been at restaurants where the green beans tasted kind of, you know, a little sweet. And I asked him, I said, you put anything on this? And they said, well, you know, I think there's a little sugar sauce on those even on the veggies are. So it's like, and I'll of course barbecue sauce and we all know those kinds of things you just can't even even think of. But even an, uh, balsamic vinegar, you gotta be careful because there's, there's, you know, in different brands and different types, you can get a couple grams to four grams. And so there's just so many dressings. Of course, you know, they always have a sugar or filler in those. Um, and you know, just in your meats and things are just, it's, it's really tough to go to a restaurant and, and try to discover and all the hidden carbs. It could be there. You're always safe with bringing your own dress and just meet and maybe a broccoli and things like that. You're pretty safe. So it's, it's really difficult. And these gravies of course are always, you know, you got to watch your gravies and sauces and condiments is, you know, people know, catch up and everything else has always got carbs in it. But yeah, it's pretty crazy in restaurants and like it's almost safer. You just don't know what's, you know, what you know, like orange chicken and things like that. Even at different restaurants. Oh man, that's going to be 20, 20, 40 carbs and those, it's amazing when you, when you think I'll just get some bled, a little bratty non top of it and the sauce in it, it'll totally knock you out. Yup. Yeah.

Chad: 25:22 Do you know it doesn't have hidden carbs in it. Go ahead. BioStak. You got it. You were gonna say water. So tonight is just a quick plug here for bioStak we move on. Um, bioStak is five organic ingredients working together synergistically to help your body cell regeneration. Uh, anti-inflammatory. Just really, really good stuff. If you haven't already or if you already have, go to biostak.com. Check it out, get more information. You can order your supply there. See how good you can feel. BioStak is awesome. I have loved taking it and honestly Eric I can't imagine my life without it at this point.

Eric: 26:09 Yes, it's funny, I get a lot of feedback and of course on it and that need is probably about it. I'm not going to go long, but it's, we're doing everything we can to preserve and really make your mitochondria healthy. Cause everything starts there and everybody's heard me talk about it over and over and the neat part about it is to say their energy, they are getting energy from it, but just, you know, I always make sure that a lot of times people think, oh energy and they're thinking of like we've talked before, like a caffeine pop. Okay, stimulant pop and no, this is, this is creating more energy for your cells, which is of course going to create better health, longevity and more energy. You feel so much better the less fatigue, but sometimes it'll take a little bit of time before the Mitochondria, especially if it's dysfunctional and then you have a lot of that. It'll take a little time for it to talk to, you know, uh, uh, they can the effect on that. Okay. So I just want to make sure people understand that a little bit.

Chad: 27:03 Yeah, absolutely. So let's talk about, uh, any, anyway that, that web address, sorry, that we have addressed again, biostak.com. Go check it out. So let's talk about medicine cabinet. Uh, this was on your list and I'm interested to hear what you have to say about some things where we find some carbs maybe in our medicine cabinets

Eric: 27:21 and they're not a lot of carbs, but these are carbs, these are carbs and, and obviously, you know, you know, the law of medicines, you're going to have certain amount of sugars. Okay. So you've got to be careful of, you know, your dextrose, fructose and sucrose, et Cetera, are going to have a starch in him and it's like a corn starch or you know what, I'm going to sodium starch Glyco light. And what that is, they basically used to absorb water quickly so it'll swell up and then rapidly dissolved so you get the effect. Okay. And so a lot of these, I mean the starches are four grams, four calories per gram. And so they do have these in there. Um, and even in, you know, and I went through, you know, just stuff that, that, that I could find Advil. I just your typical your Tylenol, your Advil, you a leave a like a, you know, a 200 milligram pill of, of Advil, we'll have 250 milligrams of carbohydrate. So four of them would equal a gram of carb. Okay. Same with the leave. Uh, so people like, you know, these are minor, but if you really critical about your carbs, if you're 10 a day or zero, some people you know, with, with certain health issues could be Zero, carbs a day. So those things you have to watch out for, you know, just in, in, in over the counter, uh, medication. Um, other things like antacids or course PEPCO, pepco and my Lanta, uh, even my land to the chewable tabs, I think they were one gram of carb per tablet. And so, um, you know, just going through a few of the ones that I was just, I'm just thinking about, um, you know, there, there, there is, there is carbon, there as a filler. There is carbs and in a lot of it, so you just have to be careful with some of it. It's not to, you know, their milligrams, but those milligrams, you know, even toothpaste has carbs in it. They're not. And they have, I mean they have xylitol and them for sure, and they have some sugars, uh, alcohols and, but, but there's always filler in a lot of these things. So it's just interesting to see how much, uh, when you go through sudafed and different things like that, I'll have, have, um, have some kind of carb content content in. Yeah, know, I know some people that have had issues with and stuff like that.

Chad: 29:42 Yeah. Cough drops. And so let's talk about really quick, let's talk about some of the things that we think we know about the carbs and we know that they don't have any, but sometimes there are. So you talked a little bit about, or you mentioned in your list, nuts and veggies.

Eric: 29:59 Yeah. So talk about that a little bit. Even with the fruit, you know, they're not hidden carbs, they're there for you to see and find out. But the problem is sometimes we just expect all nuts. You grab a handful of nuts, you know it's low carb, low carb that, oh you throw in a bunch of veggies, it's low carb, you throw in fruit, you know your berries basically there they're low carb show. A lot of people that don't macro count end up getting knocked out because you know, they just kind of forget about the carb different. And so like, you know, like when your veggies, you know, I'm a big spinach guy. I mean even you know, asparagus they'll share your lower end veggies like for three and a half ounces. There's like one and a half grams. So you're always safe with that though. You know, those kinds of, that you get into some of the, you know, call flowers a little bit, you know, like double basically of what spinach is. And then even I got a big surprise because I'm a big cabbage fan and I'm always, you know, three grams, you know, carb per my serving. He's like three and a half ounces. But I eat a lot of red cabbage. And I, I, I don't know why I just never paid attention. But red cabbage is almost double of what, uh, just regular green cabbage for a wow. I never took it in consideration because we all know our broccolis and green beans and Brussels sprouts and things like that. But a lot of people think Kale is like spinach. And when Kale was like five grams per serving and spinach is one and a half grams per serving, I mean it really adds up.

Eric: 31:31 And so those are the kind of the, even onions, I like onions, but you gotta be careful. I mean three, you know, three ounces of onions is like, I think almost eight carbs. And so you can use these things, but you've got to just, you just reduce the amount of them. And that's, you know, and so there's that even in your, in your fruit. I'm a big blueberry fan. And I, and I always save your room for the blueberries, cause any antioxidants and things like that. Um, but you know, just blackberries, if you take blueberries, I'm looking at 12 grams and then you look blackberry and raspberry as you're looking at five grams. So, and he was strawberries. So you're a lot safer thinking, you know, those kind of berries them. Then blueberries as far as on carb count, not same thing. Everybody grabs a handful of nuts thinking, but you're going to run from one gram, you know, per ounce to like cashews, eight grams. And I used to love cashews and then I just finally had to say no more because before I know it, you grab a few, you know, you do it too. I'm sure you grab a little bit of nuts. He walked by again, you could have a few more. I'm healthy, I'm eating low carb and sooner or later you add it all up, you got two or three ounces already consumed. And so just because you're not paying attention, right? Absolutely. And that's where I suffer from is this, you know, and, and you, you, you know, we podcast together. You see how often I'll grab some nuts as we're talking and different things that I have. And so it's just something easy to, to, you know, and be careful with your fruits. Of course, you know [inaudible] most people know their stuff on that.

Chad: 33:09 Yeah, it was going to say, some of it seems like some of these, especially in my experience, some of these safer foods, some of these foods that we're supposed to be eating can be the more dangerous ones. The ones that we are kind of snacky. We really enjoy eating, but they can add up and even in other ways, not just carbs, right? Carbs is what we're specifically talking about today. `But some of these foods have other things that we don't want to Overdo as well. So we're not going to sit into that. But you know, that's my favorite to talk about the bad fat. It's not, it's not just a find the foods that are good and eat as much of him as you can. We still need to be well balanced and pay attention. Yup. Well thanks so much for bio hacking with us today, mark. I think this is going to be really helpful for some people.

Eric: 33:55 The one thing that we just really just, you know a lot of things that I've never pay attention to is when you get into, you know your seasonings and things like that. I'm a big guy, I like the onion powder and cause I'm not using onions, but just for one tablespoon of onion powder people got to be careful. It's like five to six grams of carb and one tablespoon of onion powder, chili powder for something garlic powders, like six I think on on grams per tablespoon. Even cayenne already. I don't even think about spices, spices, garlic, four cloves of garlic. You know, we're always careful. It's one gram and so there's people that use a lot of, you know, a lot of spices and you know,

Chad: 34:44 I use a lot of garlic powder. Yeah, I used it on my avocado toast. I use it on my steak I use. Yeah, that's good.

Eric: 34:53 6 grams for a tablespoon. And so those are things that, that, you know, are just, we're not paying attention to that they're healthy, but you just gotta make sure you, you add him in your carbs for the day. So yeah, I'm glad we got that in there. I hadn't even, that's one that completely lost, I just thought of it actually because there's, we could talk for a long time on this but, but bottom line is, you know, like we've talked about just just pay attention and of course I'm always back to testing, you know, my blood sugars and, and uh, my, my Beta just because it's kind of like a safety net. It just, it, you know, you're in. Okay. And those who don't test, sometimes you just get a little more liberal thinking, I'm good to go, I'm good. Uh, but you know, still are good low carb for blood glucose and those benefits. But as far as the therapeutic value of the Beta hydroxybutyrate molecule that I always push that you're missing. Okay.

Chad: 35:48 Yeah. Yup. Well, thanks so much. Great. And I want to thank all of you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life and Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on Instagram that handles @keto.biohacker. If this podcast has helped you in any way or entertained you, we encourage you to go to iTunes or wherever you get your podcast and leave us a five star rating in a glowing review. This helps us glow, grow our community here and help more people. Finally, the greatest compliment that you can give us is sharing this podcast with those who you love, those who need it the most are looking for a different way of living, and until next time, stay keto.