01/27/19 Sunday Supp: Changes to HIIT Workouts?

Today the guys are talking HIIT training and take a question from Charles who wants to know if there are benefits to be had from more rest than what is part of traditional high-intensity workouts.

How the science of workouts is always developing.

What is the lactate shuttle hypothesis?

Eric shares his current self-experimentation with HIIT.

And the science of the body during...a kettleball swing?

If you want more info on HIIT training from an earlier episode, check out Episode 21: How to HIIT it in Ketosis

And for more information on the study Charles references:  https://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/the-hybrid-power-conditioning-program

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Chad: 00:06 We're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto, so our question today comes from Charles and he asks, it's a little bit of a longer one, so hang in there with me, Eric, just a second. He says, you talked a lot about high intensity training and I'm wondering if you've seen this new study which shows big benefits from longer rests then is usually recommended in a hit workout and he gives a little link to one of these studies are one of these regimens. Says, I've been keto for about 15 months and I'm primarily a weight lifter. I hate cardio, but I always try to work some in. I tried six weeks of Kettlebell swings as outlined in the above article and saw massive improvements in my recovery from lifting both between sets and after a workout. It felt like another switch had been flipped and the amped up my energy, like when I first started Keto, I've never had that kind of results from traditional hit or cardio since Eric's, since Eric loves to experiment. I'd be interested to hear his take on this new approach. Have you heard of this approach, Eric?

Eric: 01:15 I hear a lot of approaches. Everybody trying to reinvent the wheel basically and it, you know, and it, and I did take a look at that, Charles. I did. And I think if, if you've benefited from it and you in and you felt what you felt and you got the benefit from it, from the, the Kettlebell swings and the 45 second rest. Uh, I know you don't like to do a lot of cardio, but it, he, you know, and you know, Charles, that's my passion and lactate is my passion and I've done tons of self experimentation with the lactate threshold. Uh, so. And I get a podcast on it. And so I love these energy pathways, the Phospho creatine that obviously that's talked about there. Then we get into the anaerobic glycolysis, which is lactate. And then we get into oxidative phosphorylation, which is energy coming from the Mitochondria. So I, I also have, you know, done a kind of, a lot of research and self experimentation as you know, Charles on this and testing myself continuously with a lactate, you know, uh, a monitor testing my blood lactate after all these high intensity workouts and, and, um, and, and my production, my heart rate, my vo two, if I'm adding muscle aches, increasing my cardio mail put. So basically, you know, I, I read that, I looked at it and I think, Eh, it, it, it may offer and it may be successful, but there's so many different methods and practices out there and some of the best coaches in, in an on. And I've tried a lot of different, uh, uh, theories of the low heart rate training for. I'd done that for six months and I've tried a lot of them. Charles and I basically am a big fan of the lactate shuttle hypothesis, meaning that since we are ketosis and you're burning ketones, okay, uh, it's different than some of the other studies out there because we have that additional energy source. So once you become very fat adapted at a higher intensity through training and through adaptation and usually utilizing the lactate shuttle, not only just from, from the side is all producing that quick energy that that's talked about from the creatine phosphate into the anaerobic, uh, the second phase, you actually can turn that lactate into the Mitochondria and use that as a fuel source. And that's the shuttle that, that I've talked about, my podcast. So I am a huge fan of trying different things, Charles, and maybe, and maybe I'll give this a try, uh, but I'm in the middle of another self experiment right now with a 16 minute, very high intensity muscle fatigue in workout. So I'm testing that out. But, but I, I had gotten great results from some of my, my own hypothesis. And so I'm continuing to, with someone my lactate studies to utilize that as an energy source. Plus the intermuscular fat, which I can't go into because this is a Sunday Supp. Um, and plus utilizing the Phospho creatine. That's that first energy pathway. And remember, you do use all three. Uh, you're not just using one specifically at a time, so it's all about adaptation. But as a great question,

Chad: 04:42 we did a full episode. We can go back, we can actually link it in the description. We'll link the will also link this theory or this article that talks about this theory in the description so that those who want to look at it can look at it. We have a past episode that I don't know off the top of my head right now, but we will link it in the description as well. That goes through the pathways. Right? And, and we talk about the different pathways of energy. Um, can, is there a quick reason or, or anything or, or is there a hypothesis that you have as to why Charles felt this surge of energy? I'm discovering a new maybe energy pathway or something through this new way of, of hiit training.

Eric: 05:27 For sure. What he did, he did a, you know, it takes about to do 10 kettle bell swings, it takes about 15 seconds to do that. So he actually, you know, it depends how, you know, how heavy the Kettlebell is and what kind of force he's putting out. But he's going to jump into that first Phospho creatine pathway. That's that ATP that's already stored there. It's close by, it's there. You have the creatine that's sitting there waiting to replace that ADP, you know, once it goes to ADP, gives it a phosphate, makes atp. Alright. So he's experienced in that the first, you know, you know, 15 seconds or so. Then obviously he's not going into lactate. Alright. But he does have a 45 second rest to recruit to replenish that creatine, that phosphate. Uh, so he can do it again. So in, and yeah, you feel good. I mean, and as he gets better, he's gonna replace the phosphate, that creatine so he could replace the ADP to atp for energy, for Muscle cell contraction. So you do, you will feel good. Uh, and I, I take it further and say, hey, let's, let's run this a, a longer instead of 15 seconds, so let's, let's extend it longer and longer and, and you basically get your body adapted to utilizing the lactate, utilizing your intramuscular fat at a higher intensity to produce with the ketones to the Beta to have more energy output and even at a higher heart rate without so much oxygen. So that's, that's what I work on, Charles and I, and I think you've probably heard me talk about it quite a bit and so I'm always about high intensity. So I'm, I'm, I'm learning too Charles, I keep studying, keep testing and keep trying to, to advance, you know, my hypothesis with others. There's a lot of great ones out there. There really is.

Chad: 07:23 Yeah. Well Great. Thanks for biohacking with us today eric. Okay. I hope I helped a little bit and I want to thank all of you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in Ketosis, be sure to check out biofit coaching.com or biofit coaching on instagram that handles @biofit_coaching. And until next time, stay keto.