01/13/19 Sunday Supp: What We Learned in 2018

Today the guys field a fun question from JT who wants to know the number one lesson both Eric and Chad learned in 2018.

Eric's lesson: Shut up and listen!

How to NOT be such an aggressive proponent of health...

Chad learning the value of real community.

And the difference between working out alone and with someone.

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Chad: 00:06 So we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions, on all things Keto. So our question today comes from jt and he asks, or they ask, I assume he but they ask every question for both Eric and Chad and I liked this one. Eric, you're not so fond of it, but I liked this question asks you. It may not be super deep, but I'm really interested in your answers. What would you each say is the greatest lesson you learned in 2018? Yeah, I like it be a great way to start off the year and, and to get a little personal and inside of ourselves. So do you want to go first? Do you want me to go first?

Eric: 00:54 I guess I'll go first. Just in case yours is the same as mine. Well you know, I thought of a lot different things and there's like various things yeah. What, what was the most critical thing that I learned and so I have to go with in coaching and even in podcasting and lectures that I give, I think at times I really, really need to learn to listen. Uh, my, you know, and I've been told by by, by others that are close to me that I get really so passionate about my beliefs and the things I learned and knowledge and I'm constantly trying to, to bring that across to people. And a lot of times I'm not listening to them because a lot of times they really, some really don't care and they really don't have the interest level that I have. And so I'm imposing what my excitement in what my interest level is on them and I am not understanding why I'm not making the connection. And so I, I really have learned and I think it's going to be a continuous process for me though, jt and chad. Then I have to keep reminding myself to shut up and just listen and understand where they're coming from and not trying to be so, you know, kind of aggressive at times. I trying to get them to understand the depth of how important this really is and then in like when I'm into the genes and genetics and that even makes me go deeper and then I'm not understanding why people aren't grasping like, okay, I really understand what the heck you just said like, uh, and, and so I, I get really disappointed in myself and that it's, that I'm not making that connection, but I'm not listening to what their needs are. I'm giving them what I think they need. Okay. And what they, what they want. So, and, and I in that, I think that's what I'm learning a lot is people don't care how much, you know, if you always heard this until they know how much you care. Right? So I'm always trying to be as caring as possible and trying to care and share at the same time. So it's really kinda hard. So that's what I, that's what I'm really trying to key on. And, and, and that's kind of deep I would say.

Chad: 03:27 Mine's a little deep too, I hope we're actually giving a JT what he wants here, but it's actually a little deep to mine is, um, the value of community. And I know for a lot of people that's going to sound really funny because obviously community is so valuable. Um, and uh, but I'll just explain just a little bit as I've never been one to my, um, now to my embarrassment, I not embarrassment, but my regret is that I've never been one to like fully immerse myself and invest in community. Um, I've always tried to do things on my own and um, you know, as we've talked about in podcast past to be self made and Yada Yada. And I just never stopped to recognize the value of community in 2018. Really, really, really drove that home for me in a couple of different ways. And one of them is, as most of our listeners will know if they've been listening for a while, is my family and I took off over the summer onto the road and just traveled for four months. And I'm the one thing that I really, really missed and recognized that I wouldn't be able to do on the road was built community, real, real life community. I know a lot of people are thinking at this at this time, we got social media. You've got facebook. Yeah, instagram. And I'm just going to say those are not the same as in person in real life. Face to face, one to one or one to few. A community. It's just not the same. I get, we can get a lot done there. We can have good discussions, we can, you know, make announcements, do advertising, all that kind of stuff. But it's not the same as, as real community. And so we really learned that lesson in that adventure and, and realize that we really wanted a stable local, um, community that we could invest in. I also, I'm on more topical on this. If this podcast is. I'm over 2018, um, I stopped for whatever reason and I think of large part of this was because I knew we were going to be on the road for so long is I stopped going to workout classes and started doing my workouts on my own and um, and I really, I mean I just did not do as well, not near as well and, and I realized now now going back and finding classes and teachers, instructors and people that I really liked to see on a regular basis multiple times a week and work out with them, there is a lot of value to that, like a lot of value that I've grossly underestimated the value of having a good group of people and uh, and, and uh, you know, a good instructor and I and a regimen and all of that kind of stuff in a workout community. And so yeah, for me, hands down the number one thing I learned in 2018 is the value of community and what I want to invest in it and, and what it returns to me.

Eric: 06:40 You know, that's. Yeah, that's, that's excellent. Because I, I, I am, I am learning that because I've been a solo total solo trainer and uh, maybe with one other person or two, maybe two and not a class oriented guy, just I've been able to just discipline and do it and I'll tell you what I have learned through coaching that people, even my wife, they a really need a community, a class structure just is so powerful. It really is. And it's probably something that I should probably venture into more. Uh, yeah, it definitely more motivating, right?

Chad: 07:19 Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

Eric: 07:21 Because you used to coach it. I mean, you, you, your coach classes. So all of us instructed classes. It's like, well how did I miss that? And people love to see each other and there is a level of commitment, competition, you know, everybody wants to stay up with the other, which is good. It's a moment. Got to your basement every morning by yourself, that gets a little tough and I'm, I'm going to have to make some changes. I'm glad you brought that up it was good for me too.

Chad: 07:53 Well I love this question. Thanks so much. Jt is very thought provoking and, and I, I liked the opportunity to be able to learn a little, a little more about each other. Yeah. Appreciate it. Yup. Uh, and I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life and Ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on instagram that handles @biofit_coaching.

Speaker 3: 08:19 And until next time, stay keto.