01/06/19 Sunday Supp: Keto 101 - Foods to Start With

Today's question comes from Ashley who is ready to start 2019 off with a bang! She's just getting into the keto lifestyle and wants to know which foods are best to start with?

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Chad: 00:00 Yeah, so we're getting a lot of questions regarding the proper way to live life in ketosis. We have you covered in our midweek mini series called Sunday supps. Every Sunday we have a quick supplemental episode where we answer your questions on all things Keto. So our question today comes from Ashley and Ashley Asks, I'm finally getting ready to start keto. Yay Ashley. It's the first new year's resolution on my list. So my question is, what are my most basic foods I should start with? Basically, what are the staples I should be getting in my grocery list?

Eric: 00:38 The, the biggest, most important thing is, you know, you, you've got your Macros, I'm sure you've got your proteins, your fats, you've got your carbs, so you know, basically on Calorie wise how much you need of each. Okay. So I always say when you start keto, obviously we're going to go with your meats and your cheeses, bacon, things like that as far as the protein. And then as far as your carbs, we're going to really be heavy on cruciferous vegetables, your spinach or Broccoli, cucumbers, you know, celery, etc. Uh, and then, um, on, on your fat, you're going to jump into the cheeses a little bit, uh, and of course grassfed butter, things like that. So obvioUsly you're going to have foods that you like and you're going to have some foods that you dislike. So obviously start the basics with the foods that you enjoy and if you're coming off, you know, um, another type of nutrition plan and you haven't got to enjoy, you know, a lot of the cheeses and you know, the nuts and the bacon and eggs and things like that. I would always, I always put eggs, always grab your eggs because you want the choline you want the full eight and you're going to get your vitamin a and other nutrients in plush, good fat, and you're going to get protein. I love bacon and I'm a big bacon eater. I get good healthy bacon then far as your cheeses, your different meats. you can pick good ground. It can also have fatty meats, it doesn't matter, but of course grass fed meats, if you can stay with your beef, your chicken, your fish, of course. Uh, and those are your favorites or that you can always stay within those limits. And then as far as your vegetables, I have people eating spinach and lots of different, you know, cruciferous vegetables, your broccoli, your brussels sprouts, your, your different lettuces and things like that. Cucumbers, mushrooms, uh, just lots of different colors for the beta carotene, which will give you a little more what we call retinol vitamin a and your conversion.

Eric: 02:43 Uh, and then obviously avoid certain foods, uh, those omega six a vegetable oils. So let's stay away from dressings that have the canola and the soybean oil if you can a and you'll get more knowledgeable as you go. But we're going to try to try to keep it simple when you first get out there and start getting your foods, but just get the foods that you, that you enjoy so you can keep the sustainable.

Chad: 03:14 And I think that's all. That's all really good advice. Actually get this question asked me quite a bit just from friends and people who over the year. So who have started keto and just asked, well, how do you do your grocery shopping? Like, it's such a, it's so funny, it sounds like a funny question, but it's, it's really quite real because, um, we get in such grooves and, and get getting such routines that, you know, even something as simple as changing up the way you grocery shop feels intimidating or it feels overwhelming. And what I always tell people is try to go to your stores that you go to with new eyes, like, like you've never been there before, like you've never grocery shopped there before. And so what that does is it, it trains your brain to look for things that you wouldn't, you know, aren't the normal. Like, because when I, I know when I go grocery shopping, I know my aisles and I know my products and um, and I can go. It's all about efficiency, right? We are, we are humans that tried to create efficiency in everything we do, including our grocery shopping so that if we can grab the familiar package or we can go, we can reduce the amount of aisles we have to go down. We feel more efficient.

Eric: 04:32 Yeah. Because I'm still at what, four aisles? That's it. No I'm serious, so amazing that you can go right to where your foods and you know, like you said, you know, I, I, I'm repetitious, but

Chad: 04:48 you know what I'm saying is you're going to need to break some of those habits, some of those things you're grabbing for some of those aisles that you are, are skipping, you're going to need. So my, my, I always suggest that people take whatever time it usually takes you to go grocery shopping, whether it's half hour, 45 minutes, hour, whatever, double that and go into the store with new eyes and explore and start looking at nutrition labels of things that you would usually grab and things that look new or interesting to you and spend more time in the produce section. Looking at what's organic and what's not organic and being okay with your organic veggies. And, and, uh, you know, fruits. If you're going for a small amount of fruit, be okay with those looking a little more, not presentable. I know a lot of times we go into the fruits and vegetables and we grabbed the ones that look plump and juicy and blemish free. But unfortunately, yeah, and those are the ones that are unfortunately have been modified because they have been modified to look that way so that you will grab them in that aisle and you know, just start, I mean meats was a big deal for me too. It was started. We went and read all the, all the information we could about the meats we've been usually grabbing and then we read information about the meats that looked maybe a little more, uh, less messed with, more or less messed with and less processed and all that kind of stuff. So just I would say take your time, plan a little bit more time for your first couple trips and really dig in and look at it with new eyes.

Eric: 06:29 Yeah. And a lot of it is you're going to start out and obviously it's getting it down to the sustainability for yourself. So maybe some of the easier foods that are, you know, the prepackage in are some of the keto foods that you can get that are prepackaged, like your low carb tortilla is your low carb bread. And I look low carb keto ice cream. There's a lot of things out there, so it's kind of a hard decision on how you want to start your keto journey and it's, it's really up to you, but bottom line is to keep us sustainable and eventually if you can get from a different spectrum of keto to where you know, like the top end of it, you don't even look at nutrition labels because you're buying all foods that are whole foods, real foods. So my recommendation is try to think how you want to be in the long run, how your keto journey wants to be and try to organize it to what your goals are in that area.

Chad: 07:24 yeah. Yup. Absolutely. Well great. This has been good. Thanks for biohacking with us today, eric. Good luck. You bet. And I want to thank you for joining us on this quest for optimal fitness. If you're ready to begin your own journey and live your life in ketosis, be sure to check out biofitcoaching.com or biofit coaching on instagram, the handles @biofit _coaching. And until next time, stay keto.